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Teachers-to-be, educators of all levels, school administrators, and informal science educators are invited to submit papers to be considered for publication in the Journal of Virginia Science Education. JVSE is a peer-reviewed professional journal produced by the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. JVSE is supported by editors, reviewers, and an editorial review board. The principal criterion for the acceptance of a manuscript will be that it contributes to strengthening the teaching and learning of science. 

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Guidelines for submission can be downloaded here.

Read the latest journal! Vol. 10 No. 2, Spring/Summer 2016

Contributors to this journal and their article include:

Kianga Thomas , Norfolk State University:  

African American Students and STEM

Natalie Powers, & Meredith Kier, College of William and Mary: 

Meeting Diverse Needs Through Scientific Fluency: A synthesis of research-based recommendations  promote scientific literacy for all students

Trina L. Spencer, Edith P. Rudd, Wanda I. Velez, Tracy M. Walker, & Leslie Whiteman,Virginia State University: 

Pilot Study of an Elementary Summer Learning Experience: Sci-Tastic (Science is Fantastic!) Summer Camp

Arthur W. Bowman, & Kianga Thomas, Norfolk State University: 

Culturally Responsive Teaching for Science Education in General and STEM

Harold Geller, George Mason University: 

Do Students Who Complete Examinations Sooner Do Better Or Worse Than Those Who Take Longer to Complete the Exam?

Jenny Sue Flannagan, Regent University: 

Quality formative assessment in Action

Meredith Kier, College of William and Mary: 

Vexations and Venture: Considering Cultural Relevance and Social Presence in Distance  Learning  and  Professional Development for Underserved Youth

Anne Mannarino: Regent University: 

Book Review:  STEM Research for Students Volume 1: Understanding Scientific Experimentation, Engineering Design, and Mathematical Relationships and STEM Research for Students Volume 2: Creating Effective Science Experiments, Engineering Designs, and Mathematical Investigations

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