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Teachers-to-be, educators of all levels, school administrators, and informal science educators are invited to submit papers to be considered for publication in the Journal of Virginia Science Education (JVSE)JVSE is a peer-reviewed professional journal produced by the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. JVSE is supported by the co-editors and an editorial review board.

The principal criterion for manuscript acceptance is that it strengthens the teaching and learning of science. JVSE accepts three types of manuscripts:

1.      Lesson Activity – Lesson activities fully describe a unique lesson in enough detail that other educators can implement it in their own classroom.

2.      Research– Research manuscripts describe a research project including research questions, methods, results, and implications. Outcomes should inform best practices and be of value to educators and/or administrators in science education.

3.      Sharing Solutions- Sharing solutions describe a challenge/issue in science education and a solution to the posed challenge. Manuscripts may consider broad issues such as facilitating reforms-based science instruction (e.g. inquiry), classroom management, and overcoming barriers to classroom integration of best practices in science education.

Complete descriptions of each of these article types and additional author guidelines can be found here.

We are currently accepting manuscripts for publication in our Summer or Winter of 2019 issues, which will focus on the themes described below; however, manuscripts that do not address these themes are also welcome!

  • Summer Issue: Making Science Accessible to All Students (submissions due February 1st), published July 1, 2019. Manuscripts put forth for this theme may address issues of differentiated instruction, inclusive science teaching, etc.
  • Winter Issue: Computer Simulation Use for STEM Education (submission due April 1st), published December 1, 2019. Manuscripts that address this theme may focus on only one or a combination of STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) disciplines.

Authors should review the submission guidelines and review criteria  before submitting manuscripts to increase the likelihood of publication in JVSE. Along with the article, the author must submit an Author Submission Form.

Reviewers Needed!

ALL VAST members (e.g., in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, university faculty, informal educators, administrators) are invited to volunteer to review submitted manuscripts.  This opportunity is a service you can include on your resume and is a great way to get ideas for your own publications. If you are willing to review 1-2 articles per year please email Dr. Gonczi at

Author Submission Guidelines
Article Review Criteria
Author submission form

VAST members can download and read the latest JVSE(available 12.8.18): Fall 2018, Volume 11

Contents of the latest JVSE include:

  • "Teaching Science through Argumentation: An Outline for Virginia Science Teachers"  Joanna K. Garner, Ph.D., Melani Loney Ed.S., and Victor Sampson, Ph.D.

  • "Integrating Technology into Science Field Investigations"  Sarah Nuss, M.S.

  • "Integrating Inquiry into Informal STEM Experiences" Robbie L. Higdon, Ph.D., and Amanda Sawyer, Ph.D.

  • "Vocabulary and Literacy Instruction Strategies"  Janine D’Elia, M.Ed., NBCT, Rachel Hill, M.Ed.

  • "The Magic of Science: Using Disequilibrium to EngageLearners"  Robert M. Ellis, B.A. 

  • "Developing Student Understanding in Science: The Three Rings of Learning"  Anne Petersen, Ph.D.

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