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Teachers-to-be, educators of all levels, school administrators, and informal science educators are invited to submit papers to be considered for publication in the Journal of Virginia Science Education (JVSE). JVSE is a peer-reviewed professional journal produced by the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. JVSE is supported by editors, reviewers, and an editorial review board. The principal criterion for the acceptance of a manuscript will be that it contributes to strengthening the teaching and learning of science. 

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Guidelines for submission can be downloaded here.

VAST members can download and read the latest JVSE (available 12.8.18): Fall 2018, Volume 11

Contents of the latest JVSE include:

  • "Teaching Science through Argumentation: An Outline for Virginia Science Teachers"  Joanna K. Garner, Ph.D., Melani Loney Ed.S., and Victor Sampson, Ph.D.
  • "Integrating Technology into Science Field Investigations"  Sarah Nuss, M.S.
  • "Integrating Inquiry into Informal STEM Experiences"  Robbie L. Higdon, Ph.D., and Amanda Sawyer, Ph.D.
  • "Vocabulary and Literacy Instruction Strategies"  Janine D’Elia, M.Ed., NBCT, Rachel Hill, M.Ed.
  • "The Magic of Science: Using Disequilibrium to Engage Learners"  Robert M. Ellis, B.A. 
  • "Developing Student Understanding in Science: The Three Rings of Learning"  Anne Petersen, Ph.D.

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