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Welcome to the NEW VAST Chemistry Page! 


My name is Stephanie Harry and I am the VAST Chemistry Chair.  I am truly excited about my new position and it is my goal to create a Chemistry webpage that is beneficial to teachers.  

I have been teaching Chemistry for Hampton City Schools since 1995.   I am also an adjunct professor for Thomas Nelson Community College.   In 2007 I became a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent and Young Adult/Science (AYA) with a concentration in Chemistry.   I am the 2016 recipient of the VAST Recognition in Science Education (RISE) Award in Chemistry and a 2015 recipient of the Tidewater Alliance for Chemistry Teachers (TACT)/VAST mini grant.  I have presented at several VAST Professional Development Institutes.

It is my desire that the VAST Chemistry webpage will serve as one of your Chemistry resource websites.  I’m looking forward to representing you and serving as a viable link for information. I am looking for ideas of what chemistry teachers would like to see here. Please feel free to contact me at






American Chemical Society (ACS)

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT)


2017 Chemistry PDI Presentations

Is it Ionic or Covalent .pdf by Stephanie Harry

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