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"Science Teachers Leading from the Classroom"

November 16, 17, 18

Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center

It wasn't until a few years ago that I started accepting the title as a teacher leader.  Until then I just saw myself as a teacher who wanted to have an active role in the positive progression of science education without becoming administrator.  I wanted to be included in the discussions being made as it related to science education.  I was taught that if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem.  I always believed if you were able to see and identify the problem then you should work towards helping to find a solution.  I felt I could be a part of the solution and provide ideas to positively impact science education. However, even though I applied for and requested to serve in numerous capacities within by building and school district, I was not selected to serve in these roles.

I came to the conclusion, I needed to create my own path to having an active role in the progression of science education without becoming an administrator.  As this year progresses, I will share my journey and develop a PDI on becoming a "Science Teacher Leading from the Classroom".  It is my goal to inspire you to continue your journey on evolving as a science teacher leader.

-Stephanie Harry, VAST President

The In-Person Professional Development Institute Features:

     *  In addition to presentations related to our theme there will be concurrent session presentations in all subject areas for grades K12.

      *  General sessions featuring speakers who will challenge you with up-to-date scientific discoveries and instructional strategies.

      *  Interact with vendors in the  In-Person Exhibit Hall as you collect samples of new instructional materials and explore cutting-edge        technologies.

      *  Interact with your colleagues in person and on the WHOVA App.

      *  The PDI Program will be on the WHOVA App. and this page and available for planning prior to the PDI.


Check back frequently for updates to this page for the 2023 PDI.

Donna Sterling Institute Information (separate registration from the PDI)
     Institute Registration Here

2023 Online Registration & Fees for the In-Person PDI attendees, presenters, exhibitors (opening March 1)

Ticketed meal Menus

VAST W-9 Form

2023 PDI Concurrent Session Presentation Proposal Form (Opening March 1)     

All presenters must register and pay by Sept. 23 to be included in the final program)



      2023 PDI Schedule at a Glance (draft as of Jan. 24)

     Ticketed Thursday Afternoon Workshops

     Ticketed Field Experiences

Click HERE for More Information about the General Session Speakers
         General Session I, Thursday 6:00pm, 
         General Session II, Friday 10:40am, 

           General Session III, Saturday 1:00pm, 

        2023 PDI Concurrent Session Presentations
             Friday Morning Presentations (Sessions 1 and 2)
             Friday Afternoon Presentations (Sessions 3-6)

             Saturday Morning Presentations (Sessions 7-9)   

             Alphabetical Index of Presenters

        2023 PDI Printed Program (PDF copy). (Printed programs will be available at the PDI)

        2023  PDI Sponsor List

        2023 PDI Exhibitor List

        PDI Games for Attendees (win a free registration for the 2024 PDI)

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        2023 PDI Sponsorship Opportunities

        2023 PDI Exhibitor and Vendor Information, Prices, Advertising and Form

        Summer 2023 VAST Newsletter with PDI information

        October 2023 VAST Newsletter with PDI Information

        2023 post-PDI Survey and Certificate of Attendance  


        Susan Booth, Executive Director,

        John Kowalski, PDI Chairman,

        Future PDI

        2024.      Doubletree at Kingsmill, Williamsburg,  Nov. 13-16

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