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2020 PDI Presentations Are Now Available to All VAST Members!

01/03/2021 7:28 PM | VAST Webmaster (Administrator)

When we began the year, one of our goals was to provide more professional content for VAST members. Then came the challenge of the pandemic and we rose to the occasion by transitioning the annual PDI to a virtual format. That gave us a unique opportunity that we think you will appreciate and be able to use throughout 2021 and beyond!

Prior to the PDI, keynote speakers and presenters shared videos and pdfs. During the PDI, all the Zoom presentations were recorded in both video and audio files, chats were transcribed, and some presenters provided pdfs.

Even if you weren’t able to attend the PDI, or you did attend but missed an interesting sounding presentation, we have created a comprehensive web page with all the files organized for easy access. From this page VAST members can access all instructional materials including, video and audio recordings and pdfs from the 2020 virtual PDI!

Need points for recertification or just want to expand your science knowledge or instructional pedagogy, there are over 120 presentations to explore across a wide range of science disciplines and levels. To learn more, VAST members go to:

Virginia Association of Science Teachers

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