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Check Out the Latest Edition of the Journal of Virginia Science Education

12/02/2019 9:12 AM | VAST Webmaster (Administrator)

The 2019 winter issue of JVSE (member login required) includes four manuscripts each with a very different and unique focus- providing something of interest and value for all readers. As disparate as the articles may seem, they are all concerned with supporting student interest, success, and identity within science through innovative instruction.

The first article, “Do you see what I see? Plant and animals and habitats, oh my!” is a Lesson Activity to support elementary students’ understanding of observations and inferences in science. In the article, “Lights, camera, and a call to action: Women in media help promote science identity in female students” the authors Share a Solution to help teachers foster a science identity among their female students using video. The approach can be used with students of any age. The final articles are both Research Articles that involve high school students. These manuscripts address the oral argumentation abilities of students with disabilities and cross-disciplinary impacts of students’ math identity, respectively. Together, the articles comprising the winter 2019 issue of JVSE provide a variety of practical options that teachers and administrators can add to their toolboxes when designing and implementing science programs.


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