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 Hotel Madison and Shenandoah Valley Conference Center, Harrisonburg, Nov. 17 - 20

“Science, Systems, Solutions”

We teach the basic science that helps reveal the complex systems that make it possible for our students to be problem solvers as adults.

Science is a creative endeavor, giving us access to knowledge about the world around us. Systems represent the complex reality of this world and the challenges society faces. Solutions to these problems can be found when we model these systems using our scientific knowledge. None of this work is done in a vacuum, lab, or classroom alone, it involves many people with various skills, knowledge of economic realities, and sensitivity to the needs of our environment and planet. Science can help us find solutions to these systems challenges when we work together across disciplines to seek a balance between human and planetary needs.

We teach the science that helps our students understand complex systems, so that they can become problem solvers as adults. Whether the complex systems-based challenges society faces are related to transdisciplinary problems like climate change, pandemics, sending humans to Mars, or exploring the yet unknown environments of our planet or of the quantum world, the solutions are found through the scientific investigations, problem solving, and creative thinking that began in your classroom years before. We want our students to do science. We want them to understand systems. We want to help them seek solutions. A better world awaits!

Come explore Science, Systems, and Solutions with us at the 2021 VAST PDI in Harrisonburg, VA. Come experience where academic work and cutting edge science and pedagogy interact with the daily, the local, and the seemingly “unscientific”. Come and share how you are teaching your own students to do science, understand systems, and seek solutions. 

     *  In addition to presentations related to our theme there will be concurrent session presentations in all subject areas for grades K-12.

      *  Attend the general sessions featuring speakers who will challenge you with up-to-date scientific discoveries and instructional strategies.

      *  Interact with vendors in the Exhibit Hall as you collect samples of new instructional materials and explore cutting-edge technologies.

  • 2020 Online Registration & Fees for PDI attendees, presenters, exhibitors, W-9 form (2021 coming in late April)
  • 2021 Concurrent Session Presentation Submission Form (coming in late April)
  • 2021 Hotel Information (coming in late April)
  • 2021 Schedule at a Glance (coming in late spring)
  • 2021 General Session Speakers coming in late spring)
  • 2021 Concurrent Session Presentations (coming in late summer)
  • 2021 Exhibitor List (coming in late summer)
  • My VAST Professional Development Plan (MS Word) (coming in early Fall)
  • Click HERE for the PDI attendee survey and attendance certificate (open until Dec. 30, 2020)

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Susan Booth, Executive Director,

John Kowalski, PDI Chairman,

Future PDIs

2021        Hotel Madison and Shenandoah Valley Conference Center, Harrisonburg, Nov. 17 - 20

2022        DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Williamsburg, Nov. 11-13


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