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Application Deadline: Donna Sterling Exemplary Science Teaching Award, July 15, 2018

01/06/2018 11:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

 Secondary Teachers (6-12): Apply for the 2018 Donna Sterling Exemplary Science Teaching Award

Donna Sterling was a visionary science educator with a passion for working with science teachers and developing habits of inquiry-based teaching. Most recently, her leadership in the Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA) focused on elementary and secondary teacher professional development. This award recognizes that exemplary teachers engage in continuous improvement, and is designed to support a professional development plan for the improvement of science teaching. In 2018, the award will be given to an exemplary secondary teacher. The award alternates between elementary and middle/secondary. 

The awardee will receive a total of $4000. In addition, travel costs will be reimbursed to attend the 2018 VAST PDI to receive the award and to the 2019 VAST PDI to present a session on the professional development experience and outcomes. The awardee will receive $3000 at the VAST PDI in 2018. The remainder will be awarded after the awardee presents at the next VAST PDI and also submits an article to either the newsletter The Science Educator or the Journal of Virginia Science Education.  

Deadline for applications: July 15, 2018

To apply:

1.      In your cover letter, include information on yourself, including your preferred name, your home and school addresses, and phone numbers and email address(es) where you can be reached. Tell us how many years you have taught, where, and what grade levels.

2.      In no more than two pages, single-spaced, describe an inquiry-based science unit that you taught. Describe how your unit is student-centered and includes community engagement. Give evidence that the unit was effective. Evidence documents such as student work can be submitted separately, and will not count toward the two-page limit.

3.      In no more than two pages, single-spaced, describe your plan for professional development, using the funds received through the Sterling award. These plans may include summer courses, attendance at workshops, study abroad opportunities, instructional materials development under the guidance of experts on-site, etc. Feel free to be creative in your plan. Submit the professional development description with anticipated outcomes, including plans for a presentation at the 2018 VAST PDI. Tell how this award will help you become a better teacher of science and will support the development of leadership skills. Tell about your plans for writing an article about your experiences.

4.      Submit three letters of recommendation based on direct observations of teaching. One letter must be from the science supervisor or someone serving in that capacity, a second letter must be from the principal, assistant principal, or instructional leader, and a third letter must be from a fellow teacher or a parent. Letters should address the following: Why is this teacher a good candidate for this award? What qualities do they exhibit as teachers that make the recommender think they will use the funds from the award to improve their practice as teachers of science? 

All materials must be submitted by 5 pm on July 15, 2018.

Submit applications and letters of recommendation to Dr. Juanita Jo Matkins,

Virginia Association of Science Teachers

209 W 15th St, Richmond VA 23224

(757) 897-3104

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